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This teaching material is used to instruct temporary workers who are hired out to SCC-certified organisations before they get to work.

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Under the Dutch Working Conditions Act, employers and employees are obliged in the working environment to pay close attention to health, safety and the environment. Employers need to offer their employees and managers the proper safety training so they are able to work healthily and safely.

Managers play an important role in setting up, implementing and enforcing safety policy. It's essential that managers ‘set a good example’, must that requires that they have sufficient knowledge.


  • Intermediaries and managers working for a temping or secondment agency.


  • An online training package with 12 online modules that trainees use to independently complete the course.
  • Follow a safety training course in your own time and pace. Experience shows that students then pick up the study material faster. This also avoids complete groups of employees being away from the work floor at the same time.
  • A clear insight into the theoretical material through familiar practical examples, using photo and video material.
  • The SIS SCC safety training course teaches you how to improve the safety awareness and work attitude of your employees.
  • During this course, all subjects that apply to intermediaries and managers will be discussed.
  • It is possible to take an exam at an independent examination body after following the e-learning course. This exam has 70 questions, and takes no more than 75 minutes.
  • When a candidate passes the exam, he/she receives the nationally recognized SIS SCC personal certificate. This is valid for a period of ten years.


  • 12 online modules
  • Exercise questions per module, which can be practised without limit
  • SSVV sample exams, with retry possible
  • SGS sample exams, with retry possible
  • Reference work