E-learning VCA Basic English

The VCA Basic (Basic SCC) e-learning course improves the safety awareness of your employees and can be followed wherever and whenever it suits you.

€ 95,00



A safe and healthy working environment is essential. Knowledge about safety leads to fewer injuries, fewer accidents, a lower risk of calamities and fewer people with disabilities. The Basic VCA personal certificate is important to demonstrate that an employee has the required HSE (Safety, Health and Environment) knowledge. Employees of VCA-certified companies are required to obtain such a certificate.


  • Operational staff in industry, civil engineering, construction and demolition companies, railway workers, removals, mechanics and fitters.
  • Non-certified companies also often use the VCA training courses or parts of them to effectively train their employees within the framework of the Dutch Working Conditions Obligations.


  • An online training package that allows students to follow the course independently.
  • Follow a safety training course in your own time and pace. Experience shows that students then pick up the study material faster. This also avoids complete groups of employees being away from the work floor at the same time.
  • A clear insight into the theoretical material through familiar practical examples. We use photo and video material.
  • The course improves safety awareness. Wearing a helmet and personal protective equipment is a good start. But there's more to it than that. Improvements to conduct, for example, to teach operational employees the right working posture.
  • The training has clear learning objectives: trainees learn safety thinking and the basic concepts of safety policy.
  • The training is accompanied by an exam at an independent examination body. If candidates pass the exam, they receive the nationally recognised VCA Basic personal certificate, which is valid for a period of ten years.