E-learning Recognizing Asbestos

With the Asbestos e-learning course you can brush up on your asbestos knowledge online in one hour.

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Pre-1994, many buildings and technical systems contained asbestos. Because asbestos can pose risks to health, working with materials containing asbestos is subject to strict rules. This Asbestos e-learning course is an introduction to the world of asbestos: a good preparation or addition to the 'Recognising Asbestos’ classroom study.


Anyone who comes into contact with asbestos issues in a professional capacity and would like to keep their knowledge up to date. Example include:

  • maintenance workers of technical systems, buildings and structures;
  • fire-fighters, personnel receiving landfill, municipal yards and waste depots and enforcers;
  • employees of construction companies;
  • customers, cleaners and transporters
  • managers;
  • and many others.


  • A unique digital package, valid for 6 months, with which students can brush up or maintain their basic knowledge about asbestos in one hour;
  • An excellent preparation or addition to the ‘Recognizing Asbestos’ classroom study. The e-learning training course is not a substitute for classroom courses;
  • In the course you will learn: what asbestos is; the health risks of asbestos; the laws and regulations surrounding asbestos; how to recognise asbestos in different places; how to deal with asbestos in practice;
  • The course does not include a practical day and there is no compulsory exam;
  • After successfully completing the final test, you will receive a digital proof of participation.